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Tribe Chief Pro Quad Big Guy Bodyboard

Tribe Chief Pro Quad Big Guy Bodyboard

Tribe Chief Pro Quad Big Guy Bodyboard   Tribe Chief Pro Quad Big Guy Bodyboard

Tribe Chief Pro Quad Big Guy Bodyboard. For too long, you've been ignored when it came to boards with all the bells and whistles. The Tribe Chief PP Pro Quad changes all that. The best of the best in materials and design for the rider tipping the scales 200 pounds and up or any rider that just wants more floatation. The Chief PP Pro Quad offers a 1.9pcf polypro core, Two A-Grade stringers, slick mesh, and premium Surlyn bottom.

Get max control on waves of consequence with the Quad Channel design. Nose bulbs on the corners of the slick and nose piece for maximum grip, nose and tail bumpers for durability, and the Chief's marquis feature, extra width and extra thickness (60mm) to float you where other boards sink. That extra width and thickness provide more buoyancy for paddling, more speed while riding, and ease of catching waves!

Sizes Offered: 41.5"- For riders 5'5"-5.8" 42.5"- For riders 5'9"-6'1" 43.5"- For riders 6'2"-6'4" 44.5"- For riders 6'4 and up. Length: 41.5" Width: 22.5" Nose To Wide Point: 14" Nose: 14" Tail: 18 Thickness: 60 mm. Length: 42.5" Width: 23" Nose To Wide Point: 14.5" Nose: 14.5" Tail: 18.25 Thickness: 60 mm.

Length: 43.5" Width: 23.5" Nose To Wide Point: 15" Nose: 15" Tail: 18.5 Thickness: 60 mm. Length: 44.5" Width: 23.75" Nose To Wide Point: 15.5" Nose:15.15" Tail: 19 Thickness: 60 mm. Hope you are stoked when you get your gear.

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Tribe Chief Pro Quad Big Guy Bodyboard   Tribe Chief Pro Quad Big Guy Bodyboard