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Gath Neo Sport Surf Helmet

Gath Neo Sport Surf Helmet

Gath Neo Sport Surf Helmet    Gath Neo Sport Surf Helmet
Gath Neo Sport Surf Helmet. NOTE : Gath Helmets run small. We strongly recommend ordering one size up from the recommended size on the size chart!

Please note, this isn't a guarantee, just a suggestion based on reports from customers. Super lightweight weighing only 325-350 grams provides a smart layer of defense against the common surfing head injuries.

The Gath Hat's unique helmet shape and expandable neoprene headband automatically adjusts to your head shape for a superior comfortable snug fit, total peripheral vision, and helps provide a comfortable seal to the wearer's forehead minimizing water flow over the eyes. All materials are strong, durable, rust proof and will withstand harsh climate conditions and temperature extremes.

Shell - Long lasting, UV stable, high impact resistant plastic. Visors - Top quality UV stable, shatter proof plastic.

Peaks - UV stable, shatter proof, flexible, durable plastic. Liner - Multi impact, non-water absorbent foam. Headband - 10mm thick Multi impact, non-water absorbent foam. Comfort Strips - Multi impact, non-water absorbent foam.

Fittings - All Gath helmet custom built screws and rivets are made from strong non-corrosive, salt water resistant materials. Retention system : made using non-stretch standards approved webbing, standards approved quick release buckles for a secure retention and are fitted with a nylon coated non-water absorbent foam for added comfort. American Hat: 6 3/4 to 7. American Hat: 7 to 7 1/4. American Hat: 7 1/4 to 7 3/8. American Hat: 7 3/8 to 7 5/8. American Hat: 7 3/4 to 7 7/8. American Hat: 7 7/8 to 8. Hope you are stoked when you get your gear.

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To return a product, please follow the steps outlined below: 1. Verify that all merchandise is in the original packaging, undamaged, and sellable as "brand new". If your order included free items, you must also return those!

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Gath Neo Sport Surf Helmet    Gath Neo Sport Surf Helmet