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Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast

Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast
Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast
Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast
Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast
Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast

Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast    Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast

Fliteboard PRO - White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast. Fliteboard is an electric powered hydrofoil that gives the sensation of flying over water. Carving effortlessly, Fliteboard gives you the freedom to ride anywhere, without wind or waves.

Emission free, wake free and virtually silent, ushering in a new category of environmentally friendly powered watercraft. Quiet electric motor wont disturb the environment. Guilt free zero emission propulsion system. Fly above the water without a splash. The Good Design Awards Jury said of Fliteboard: Stunning design all round.

Every single aspect of this product has been meticulously thought out and This is without doubt a world-class sporting product and a brilliant example of a good idea turned into an excellent product through professional design. Industrial Designers Society of America. International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Silver 2019. Every detail of Fliteboard has been refined for maximum performance, durability, beauty and enjoyment.

Fly quietly above the water for up to 1 hour 30 minutes (80kg rider) with Fliteboards dynamic eFoil propulsion system, with speeds up to 45km/h. Unibody fuselage The highest performance eFoil design.

Unlike all other eFoil systems Fliteboard motor is built into our patent pending unibody hydrofoil fuselage. This importantly positions the thrust directly behind the front wing, instead of above the fuselage in a separate enclosure.

There are FIVE main benefits to the Fliteboard propulsion system including. Rather the motor pushing like a lever from 10cm above the front wing, the thrust is pushing directly behind the front wing. This results in much more consistent wing balance, regardless as to the amount of thrust being applied. B Because Fliteboard uses one fuselage and motor structure instead of two, our system has less wetted surface area, which means less drag and greater efficiency.

C The Fliteboard unibody fuselage is made from one piece of aluminium. This creates a strong and watertight enclosure and reduces potential for breakage by combining metals and plastics with fasteners as used by other systems. Because aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, the Fliteboard motor is efficiently cooled through the aluminium when operating in the water.

D The Fliteboard propulsion system uses a reduction gearbox, which generates greater torque from a higher spinning motor. This means we can use a smaller diameter motor. As a result the Fliteboard fuselage has the smallest diameter in the market with only 60mm diameter. This results in better Hydrodynamic efficiency and therefore performance. E Another advantage of the unibody fuselage is a longer effective mast length.

This allows riders to ride higher above the chop and carve tighter turns with greater lean angles. There is greater flexibility in variation of ride height without the motor breaching the surface.

The most user friendly eFoil system. The patented Flitebox system is the waterproof box at the top of the mast that houses the motor controller and other electronics.

This system is totally unique has many advantages. A The motor controller is permanently connected to the motor. This means that the user does not have to connect the 3 phase connectors each time they set up the board (which is the case with all other eFoil systems).

B The Flitebox includes an aluminium heat-sink connected to the aluminium mast. This uses water flowing over the mast to cool the motor controller very effectively. Other eFoils use a water cooling system that sucks water up from the bottom of the mast. The problem with this system is that sand can get sucked into the water cooling tubes and block the cooling, which can result in an overheated motor controller. This can result in a blown motor controller, motor, or even a fire in the motor controller. There have been many reports of these problems with other eFoil systems that use water cooling. The patented Fliteboard cooling system is much simpler and has so far proved 100% reliable. We rarely see a motor controller over 40 degrees which is very good and improves efficiency. C Without the Flitebox system the motor controller and other electronics are in the board.

This means that when something goes wrong, the board needs to be sent for service and this is expensive and time consuming. In comparison only our eFoil system would need service if there is an issue. Every component inside the eFoil is plug and play and most components can we replaced within 10 minutes. The only exception is the motor itself which would require about 35 minutes service to replace.

The above features result in incredible efficiency. An 80kg rider can ride a Fliteboard for up to 1 hour 30 minutes or 30km range using our standard setup (including with prop guard), with our 2.1KWH Explore Flitecell.

Therefore we offer up to 60% better efficiency, run time and range. Considering a similar 2.1KWh battery. Flitecell - The most robust marine battery. Flitecell represents very significant R&D battery development, and we believe is the safest in the market.

Our patent pending battery enclosure has remained waterproof after drop tests from 2m which is very impressive. We also include many other innovations and safety systems, which are yet to be announced. High Voltage 58.8v, Low-Voltage 42v.

Based on 80 kg rider. CNC machined aluminium and high temperature polymer case for unmatched durability and waterproofing.

Superior safety, life-cycle and power to weight ratio. 100% pure nickel terminations for low resistance.

Two stage fusing - Master and cell level. Custom BMS (Battery management system) - Multiple and redundant safety features. Flite Controller - the smallest and smartest in the market.

Our custom designed waterproof handheld remote provides intuitive control. The high contrast display shows a range of sophisticated ride telemetry by collecting data from GPS, dual IMU (accelerometer), other sensors and the state-of-the-art battery management system. No plugs to connect, just snap on the charging magnet. Throttle resolution 1,000 points Magnetic actuator (hall sensor) for precise throttle control. The Flite Controller is the smallest, lightest and smartest in the market. Flite Controller includes many important features that are not present on any other eFoil system including. A A multifunction display with GPS + bluetooth connectivity that provides real time data for speed, distance, max speed, elapsed time, remaining time, efficiency in Watt Hours per Kilometre, battery current, battery temperature, motor controller temperature and RPM. The system constantly displays remaining charge, with alerts at 50%, 10%, high current or high temperature.

B With the above features Fliteboard uses an onboard trip computer that calculates remaining time and distance in real time. No other eFoil system includes such a system. C Flite Controller uses a patent pending priority system for throttle control.

This system uses the combination of trigger and 20 power levels changed by buttons - to provide a cruise control function. This means that riders don't need to balance the throttle trigger while trying to balance the hydrofoil. It makes for a MUCH easier learning experience. Fliteboard uses a magnetic virtual leash system requiring users to arm the motor by waving the handset over a pad on the nose of the board in order to operate the motor. This stops accidentally bumping the trigger and launching the board by accident which could be dangerous.

In addition, the Fliteboard includes an accelerometer to constantly measure the board angle. If the board angle is abnormal (for example in the event of a crash) The motor will instantly cut off. This system is also used to stop the motor from being used if it is out of the water. Flite App, data logging and software updates. Fliteboard logs and stores around 30 data parameters 5x per second.

This data can be made available to Fliteboard or service centres for diagnosis of any issues. The upcoming Flite App for iPhone and Android will allow users to download, visualise and share their ride data, and also provide software updates.

Fliteboard is constantly working on new features and improvements which can then be upgraded to customers boards via the Flite App, just like upgrading your iPhone or Tesla software. Many new features are planned that will be released over the next 12 months. No other eFoil system uses data-logging and software updates via an App.

Wing design - created by world leading experts. Fliteboard wings have been developed by a team of US based hydrodynamicists that include Americas Cup Foil designers. This results in far superior stability and ride characteristics then the competitor eFoils. Interchangeable wings allow you to easily customise your ride. Built from high compression carbon fibre for maximum stiffness and strength. For early and stable foiling. Maximum efficiency for slow to medium speed cruising and heavier riders.

Suited to tight turns at lower speeds. The best option for waves. The Cruiser wing offers early lift and stable foiling at lower speeds, great carving ability for riding swells. The Cruiser wing works well for riders of all weights. For speeds up to 40 kph.

Maximum efficiency for medium to fast speeds, and lighter riders. Suited to fast turns and higher speed, and long range exploration. The Flyer wing offers less drag and requires higher speed to generate foiling lift. Once foiling this wing provides greater top speed and responsive turns. Engineered for maximum thrust and efficiency for a range of wings, rider weights, and speeds. Sophisticated design, aesthetics and finishes. Fliteboard has been designed for a high end market and uses specialist materials and finishes such as Ash veneer, Italian Carbon Innegra, Carbon fibre weave, and hard anodised aircraft grade aluminium. Fliteboard has recently been shortlisted for the Good Design Awards for Industrial design excellence. Fliteboard was the first eFoil company to offer a formal School program - Fliteschool. Our reseller programs offer marketing support, access to training and spare parts, volume discounts etc.

Maintenance is simple and can generally be provided by Fliteschools and resellers who have some basic technical ability. The largest range customised and configured by you. Fliteboard offers a large range of boards,, finishes, mast lengths (60 & 75cm), wings (Flyer & Cruiser), batteries (Flitecell Explore & Flitecell Sport) and chargers.

Fliteboard offers an inflatable board for use on yachts (Fliteboard AIR), in schools or watersports centres. All boards and components are plug and play. Fliteboard is made to order based on user preference and skill level.

Modular interchangeable components, over 200 configuration possibilities. Easy to transport, set-up, and customize to suit your individual style. Fliteboard offers many configurations including. The largest volume eFoil board available with the shortest eFoil length (easiest to learn / beginner).

The smallest eFoil board with the longest mast / efoil length (most professional). Configurations options to suit any rider. (Fliteboard AIR, Fliteboard, Fliteboard PRO). 4 x board finishes (Ash, White Carbon Innegra, Black Carbon Innegra) / Fliteboard AIR (Grey Selytech Composite Super LightDrop Stitch Fabric). 2 x mast heights (750mm + 600mm).

2 x wing options (Flyer & Cruiser). 2 x batteries options (Flitecell Explore & Flitecell Sport). Carbon fibre Innegra is the lightest fiber commercially available, it is even lighter than water. Due to its low density it is suited for lightweight composites, ropes, and netting.

Innegra is more UV stable than Kevlar. Our Carbon Innegra boards are designed and made in italy and is of the highest quality composite material fibre weaves available.

Fliteboard Cruiser, Flyer and Stabilizer Wings are compression moulded using quality carbon fibre materials, resins, high density foams. We choose aircraft grade aluminium for for the mast and engine for strength, stiffness and heat transfer ability.

We chose aluminimun because Fliteboard Masts are hollow to allow for cabling from the computer to the motor and carbon masts of this size and thickness are more likely to snap. We have also used a specially developed anode to reduce corrosion. High quality wood laminates and composites.

The Fliteboard Ash is hand cut from a real wooden veneer called Ash timber. Ash was chosen for its strength as well as. Its pale colour and beautiful texture.

The Ash veneer is hand cut, laid, sanded, sealed and vacuum bagged. SCSL (Selytech Composite Super Light).

Newly developed double layer drop stitch. Reinforced by pre-laminated double layer coating. Stronger and stiffer, and up to 35% lighter. The best weight down construction (less by 35% compared to the SDL). Highly stable and durable for airtight, stiffness, torsion in hard and tough condition.

Fire Retardant Antimicrobial, Oil Proof, Anti Stain, Acid and Alkali Resistance. Durable with UV-Protective, Anti-Oxidation and Temperature Resistance. Stainless steel inserts in the fuselage reduce the risk of cross threading and wear over time.

For experienced riders that want the smallest board possible. Due to it's significantly reduced volume the Fliteboard PRO is not recommended for beginners. Quotes from Founder David Trewern. Riding a Fliteboard provides that feeling of presence that busy people are often seeking; the feeling of really being in the moment and being part of nature. Its challenging and gets your heart rate up, but its easy to access.

Weve taught hundreds of people in under an hour, from kids to people in their 70s. Agical gadget on the planet. Probably the most incredible thing I have ever tried! Jon Olsson, Feestyle Skiing World Champion. It feels like you're flying.

Nico Rosberg, F1 World Champion. Every single aspect of this product has been meticulously thought out. Outstanding experience, high quality, love for detail. Thanks for this magic board, it's an unbelievable and fantastic feeling to ride. Anton, Captain of MY CHARADE. The feeling of freedom and carving. Dan Luger, Professional Rugby Player. The item "Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast" is in sale since Sunday, April 12, 2020.

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Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast    Fliteboard Pro White eFoil Silver 60cm Mast