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2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package

2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package
2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package
2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package
2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package

2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package    2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package

2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-Surf foil package. This package is ready to go to get you on the water quickly and easily. Great for learning and progressing behind a boat, under a kite and other means of foiling. 1 2020 Slingshot WF-2 foil board.

Slingshot WF2 Soft Top Wake foil board. Learning to foil and want a board with a forgiving top? The WF2 can take a beating and still rides like a more expensive WF1. Great for beginners and expert riders.

2020 WF2 SOFT TOP WAKE FOIL BOARD. A padded, foam-topped, beginner-friendly board with plenty of size and volume to get you up and foiling behind your boat, jetski, pontoon, zodiac or anything else with a motor big enough to tow a rider.

Doubles as a wakesurfer when not in use with a foil. Designed to ease you into wakefoiling, the tried and true board shape gets you up on foil and attempting your first tricks in one weekend.

The WF2 doubles as a wakesurf board and the size is manageable for the whole crew. The soft top deck protects not only your body but also your boat from dings and scratches. WHY YOULL LOVE THE WF-2.

The WF-2 is the easiest and safest way to get up and foiling behind the boat. It also doubles as a wakesurf board with the foil removed, one size fits all, easy to get up on like a traditional wakesurf board, Full Soft EVA top deck increases durability, and comfort for everyone and everything around it.

It also fits in a boat board rack and has inserts for optional foot straps! Fast Rocker Line for Wakesurfing Without the Foil. The key to success when it comes to wakesurfing (foil detached).

From rail to rail and tip to tail, the full EVA deck-pad gives riders endless stance opportunities and makes the board virtually ding proof. Smooth to the touch and GRIPPY WHEN WET, its not too soft and not too firm. Just the way we like it. Helps to provide stability when riding the board on the water prior to liftoff, and when wakesurfing, adds additional traction when engaging your rail into the face of the wave. Foil Mount Track for Customizing Lift Intensity. The foil mount track allows the rider to adjust the amount of lift they receive from the foil. Slide the foil all the way back for less lift or riding at higher speeds. Slide it all the way forward for the most lift / riding at slower speeds. 2 The 2020 Slingshot F-Surf foil.

Price stayed the same even though theres a new case and wing protectors. This package is perfect for. Drop the rope and surf? Hold on to the rope to learn? 2020 SLINGSHOT HOVER GLIDE FSURF FOIL.

New for 2020 Slingshot Hover Glide F-Surf Foil is a perfectly designed carrying case. New for 2020 are neoprene wing covers that are easy to add for protection while carrying outside of the case. New for 2020 is all of this added at no extra charge. The 2020 Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf foil is NEW and redesigned to offer one of the most versatile and fun foils on the market. Weve seen a rather strong movement towards foils with more lift and easier to ride. If you have your sights set on wake surfing with your foil, this is your magic carpet ride. The FSurfs large-format Infinity 76 wing provides all the lift, speed and pumpability you need to be able to let go of the rope and surf behind just about any craft that puts up a wake. The FSurf foil is the perfect choice for experienced foilers looking for the perfect blend between performance, speed, and pumpability.

The FSurf is part of Slingshots signature Hover Glide foil platform, built with an aluminum structure and outfitted with carbon wings, creating the perfect balance of performance and price. The FSurf foil comes with a 71cm mast increasing the responsiveness of the foil and giving surfers a larger range from the foil to the board ideal for getting more distance out of each stroke as surfers pump the foil to maneuver between waves or across flat water. The FSurf is outfitted with our ever popular Infinity 76 surf wing which has a large surface area to feed off smaller amounts of wave energy, support heavier riders (200 lbs +) with ease, and is also the most agile and maneuverable of the surf wings. The speed range of this foil is also extremely impressive designed to takeoff early and hang in there at speeds of about 18 mph. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 71cm (28) mast, pedestal, shift fuselage, infinity 76cm front wing, 42cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers, custom travel case.

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  • Model: 2020 WF-2 / F-Surf foil package
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2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package    2020 Slingshot WF-2 / F-surf foil package